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I’m A Designer, Why Should I Blog?

Posted on September 7th, by cre8tiveneurons in Blog. No Comments

I'm a designer, why should I blog?

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I have been planning to put up a blog section on my website since its launch last May. After doing research, reading relevant materials, and attending webinars; networking and joining online groups; and participating in blogs and asking questions from bloggers, I finally have the courage to put up a blog on my website and share the hurdles and the learnings of starting a blog as a designer.

Why Should Designers Create A Blog?

While I was contemplating on whether I should create a blog or not, I happened to ask myself this question:  I’m a designer and not a writer, why should I create a blog? As  designers we are at our best in expressing our ideas visually, but the fact is, the visuals we create are oftentimes supported by words or texts so we can effectively get the message across. This is not different from promoting our work and ourselves as designers. Apart from visually promoting ourselves as  designers, we need to find ways to communicate our personal brand and gain more exposure on the web — and one effective way to do it is through a blog.

I have listed top five advantages of having a blog on a designer’s website:

  1. A venue to showcase your work and skills. Do you have a portfolio that shows everything you’ve done so far? Why not write something about it? Blogging about your work — the challenges, processes, clients’ feedback, etc. — shows more of your personality as a designer. It shows sense of ownership of the project and builds the impression that you know what you are doing. Are you an expert in any software? Why not write a software tutorial? Creating a tutorial will show your expertise, build your credibility, and most likely gain the trust of your clients.
  2. A place to practice your writing skills. Communication in form of writing is inevitable in our day-to-day activity. We use it when writing emails to clients, sending text messages to family and friends, and posting and commenting on social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Starting a blog will help in improving your writing skills, which is very important in creating pitches and proposals to prospective clients.
  3. An outlet to clear your creative block. Doodling, mood boards, listening to music, watching videos, etc. — are some ways to clear that creative block. Writing is also another way to do it especially when you’re bombarded with visual images which don’t aid in clearing your designer’s block. Blogging doesn’t only improve your communication skills but also helps in conveying your ideas that cannot be expressed visually.
  4. A way to increase your web presence.  As a designer, the ultimate goal in having an online portfolio is to increase web presence and get clients. Because of social media, sharing of information on the web is easy with just one click. Having an active blog with relevant content on your website can help you in becoming more visible on the web and in attracting a number of followers and frequent readers, which in turn increases your web presence. Your readers/followers are potential clients or people connected other clients — interacting and networking with them through your blog is extremely helpful in getting that next project.
  5. A method to drive traffic to your website. When was the last time you updated your online portfolio? Since the launching of Cre8tive Neurons last May, I haven’t updated anything on it yet. This is true for most designers — we plan a website, create it, launch it, and wait for web traffic to increase. Creating a blog on your website and writing remarkable and updated content will help in gaining more website visitors. Visitors need to see something new and informative content every time they visit your website. Updating the contents and adding new pages help your website to be discovered, crawled, and indexed by search engines, thus increasing your organic search result and click-through rate from search engines.

These are just some of the reasons why a designer should start a blog on their website, the list can go on, but I guess you get the point.

Are you a designer with a blog on your website? Share the advantages of having a blog on your website.

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